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Flosé Woman: your Beauty Routine

Environmental pollution is a big enemy of the skin. Air quality, UV radiation, sudden temperature changes and moisture content are important factors that contribute to accelerate the cellular ageing especially for those who live in cities.

Over time the response of the skin is less ready to tackle environmental aggressions.

Many are the signals that reveal skin alterations due to oxidative stress: it appears atone, dull, hyper-reactive and dehydrated. In order to counteract oxidative stress caused by pollution, Revivre developed effective, practical and avant-garde products for everyday life. The ingredients have been carefully selected to provide the maximum results and user comfort.

Everything your skin needs in these cases is a beauty routine aimed at “de-pollute it”.

Which beauty routine in order to prevent and combat its damage?

Eastern amber top note

Transparent Amber

Heliotrope flowers


Body note body sweet floral

Almond Flowers

Base note woody amber

Liquid Amber
White Wood

Your Beauty Routine is called Flose!

Flosé woman, a cosmetic path that provides an immediate stretching of connective tissue and a more luminous look for the skin. This new line, dermatologically tested even on sensitive skin, is designed for the daily beauty routine of every customer.