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Flosé Man: Your Beauty Routine

The frantic rhythm that accompanies our lives leads to various forms of stress, both physical or physiological. Skin suffers from these stresses, aggravated by the fact that today we live in an increasingly polluted world. Stress and pollution are therefore the causes of dull and prematurely aged skin nowadays.

For this reason, daily protection of the skin is fundamental in countering aging from the first signs.

Flosé has developed simple but effective tools able to counteract, through the daily beauty routine, skin aging from every point of view, thanks to a pool of active ingredients that protect and improve the appearance of our skin day after day.

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Everything your skin needs is a beauty routine aimed at “de-pollute it”.

Man beauty is in continuous evolution. Modern man pays always more attention to himself. Flosé proposes a complete and specific line of products designed to meet every need of modern men. Their application is at the same time comfortable and effective. In few words: for everyday life. Flosé combines tradition and innovation in the care of man beauty. Specific products of high quality with a strong identity.